Below is the feedback I have received from  people concerning my second book "Benson Wishes Again".

Thanks Susan Dodd for coming into Cougar Class in Elliston Primary School.  I hope you enjoyed coming into Elliston Primary School.

Leon : Elliston Primary School


Susan, I really enjoyed your visit to Elliston Primary.  My name is Rebecca and you came to my class Tiger on Tuesday.

My favourite part of the visit was when you read your new book BENSON WISHES AGAIN.  I really enjoyed it.

Thank you very much for coming to my school.

Lots of love from Rebecca Louise xx


I really enjoyed reading your book Benson and the Wishing Machine, and I hope to be reading your new book soon.

Connor: Elliston Primary School, Tiger Class


I have not finished the book but it is good.

James: Elliston Primary School


Dear Susan (and Richard), many thanks for today.  Feedback from children has been so positive and we already have some displays up.  It's not every day that our children are lucky enough to meet a real  live author.  Very many thanks and warmest wishes.

Mrs M Ranshaw, Headteacher, Elliston Primary School


Hi Susan and Richard,  You have given us such a lovely two days and I can't thank you enough for giving the children such a super experience of meeting a "live " author in the flesh!!!  Our children just thrive on different experiences, and I think yours will have a lasting memory etched on their brains.  We really enjoyed having you in school.  Thank you so much once again.

Julie Hallam, Class teacher, Elliston Primary School 



Dear Mrs Dodd, I just wanted to say "thank you"  for that lovely book. I thought it was only a children's book. But I really enjoyed it and felt it would be nice for any age, and I shall be looking out for any more that you do.

Thank you. Violet. A senior citizen.