Below is the feedback I received from schools about my workshops relating to my first book, Benson and the Wishing Machine.

 Just a quick note to say a huge "thank you" for visiting our school and talking to our pupils about your work. The children and staff found your presentations fascinating and inspiring. Through listening to your experiences and anecdotes, I am sure that their interest in reading and writing has increased, and maybe, hopefully we might find that some of them decide to emulate you and apsire to become writers themselves. It was so kind of you to give of your time and share your talents with us. I do hope that you will consider visiting our school again in the future.

P Ward, Headteacher - St. Peter at Gowts Church of England Primary School, Lincoln

Everyone enjoyed your talk, especially the teachers! Thank you very much. Let us know when you get your second book published. I am sure that the children would love to read it.

C. Cromack, Headteacher - Enfield Primary School, New Waltham

Thank you for the brilliant story you told us about your book. It's making me want to publish loads of books. I hope that I can read your book. I think it's going to be interesting. I really wish you could come back. I can't wait for your next book. Keep up the good work and you will become a mega author.

Richard - Enfield Primary School

Thank you for your time in our school. All of my class loved your book, and I am looking forward to book 2.

Cameron - Enfield Primary School

I loved your book

Alex - Humberston CoE Primary School

I really loved your book - it was so funny. I really did want to buy your book at Lisle Marsden but didn't have enough money with me at the time. All of my friends at school couldn't stop talking about talking about Benson and the Wishing Machine that day. It is an amazing book.

Yassmina, aged 11 years - Lisle Marsden School, Grimsby


I enjoyed your visit today.  It was really interesting.  I am going to find your book in the library.

Libbie - Healing Primary School


Please can you sign my book for me.  I think it is cool the way you describe words.

Louis - Healing primary School


Thank you for taking the time to read your book at my school.  I enjoyed the story and have asked for it for my birthday.

surprisingly I bought the book before you came to visit us.

Ashley - Middlethorpe Primary School

Hi, you visited Middlethorpe on Friday 9th March 2007 and I was there, but I had the book, it was a Christmas gift.  I'd like to be an author myself, perhaps I can send you one of my short stories.  I am in the middle of the book now.

Jack - Middlethorpe Primary School


Susan, I like your story a lot.  I am 9 years old.



Dear Mrs and Mr Dodd 

I would like to inform you that your trip to Partney C.E. (Aided) School was very fascinating and interesting, and I appreciated fully the time you spent in coming and talking to us, and maybe you have inspired  many children to become great writers.  I  thoroughly   enjoyed your reading of your new and exciting children's novel "Benson and the Wishing Machine".  I am definitely going to buy your book as I am eager to read a book by an author who I have actually met.