Busy time for Benson.

Well, Benson has been a busy ginger cat. He went for a ride in the car to the football club and caused chaos while he was there. He managed to fall into the white line making machine and then ran all over the pich leaving white paw prints behind him!!! When Mr Elvic asked him what he had been up to he pretended to be asleep and snored as loudly as he could.

Another morning he sneaked down to The Plaice chip shop and was very naughty and managed to cover a little girl in tomato sauce. He only just escaped when his friend fireman Mike came into the shop and rescued him - Mr Elvic was not amused, but did have a secret smile about it later.

At the moment Benson has decided to stay close to the workshop and Cinder Lane where he feels safe and will not get into bother !!!!

Shop and visit to Tetney School.

Have decided to put the online shop on hold until I am more organised and have more things to display. I am looking forward to visiting Tetney Primary School on Thursday, World Book Day. It will be interesting as my Dad who features in the books was born just around the corner from the school in Tetney in Rose Villa. 

On line shop

Just began to put together my online shop. My three books are in the shop.  I just need to take pictures of my clay cats and put them on.

Tattershall Holy Trinity Primary School

We had a lovely day at Tattershall Holy Trinity Primary School a few days ago. We were made so welcome by everyone we met. A reporter from the Horncastle News came and took a picture. It is in the paper today and is a super photograph. We saw every child in the school and they were a joy to work with. They were very responsive and asked many questions about being an author. WELL DONE CHILDREN.

What has a ginger cat been up to?

We had a really good day on the Louth Victorian Fayre yet again. It was nice being next to our friends from the Macmillan nurses - we always have fun with them.   Utterby and North Thorseby schools invited us in to talk about Benson's adventures and all about creative writing - we met some lovely children and teachers there.

Time flies by.

I do not know where the time goes to!! We had a good day at The Village at Skegness and met some new people. Book sales are steady, but the things that are really taking off are my range of small clay cats that I make. They are very cute and easily affordable for children (and grown -ups ), though one lady keeps telling me off for not asking enough !!! People have been asking for a 4th book - but I have not made up my mind yet. Looking forward to the Louth Victorian Market in October - maybe then I shall see how bigger demand there is for a further book.

New book and events.

Well, Dreaming the Dreams that Only Cats can Dream is going well. After our week in the Hildreds Centre at Skegness we went to Natureland and took photos of Benson in various locations.  The meerkats decided to run off with him and he had to be rescued !!!! Seals found him interesting and came for a close look and the penguins flapped around!!! I would like to thank everyone at Natureland for their welcome.

We have had some good craft fairs at the Dunes at Mablethorpe and have been invited to The Village at Skegness next Sunday to their tractor weekend.

Hildreds Shopping Centre at Skegness.

Well, this time next week we shall be at Skegness setting up our shop unit for a week. I hope lots of children will come and meet Benson and hear about his adventures with Mr Elvic and the amazing Wishing Machine.  There will also be a colouring and spot the difference competition.  The prizes will be a signed book of your choice.

Skegness here I come.

The cover for book three is nearly finished - I must thank my dear hubby for working so hard on it. There is an exciting project at Skegness in the near future - I will tell more when things are finalised.

Site update.

I have been improving this website as it so needed doing.  It has proved rather difficult as I struggle to get my head round the instructions !!!  Work still needs to be done, but it looks much tidier now and more appealing - I hope.


My books should be out on Kindle soon, now we have worked out how to do it !!!!  I have also started a third book,but I am finding it hard to concerntrate at the moment - will have to give it a rest and come back to it later.

Benson Trail Presentation.

I am looking forward to visiting Eastfield Road School, Louth, to present the Benson Trail winners.  I am taking part in their Jubilee Assembly on Friday June 1st.  The books for schools are to be shared by Amy and her cousin Hollie, as they did the Trail as a joint family effort - so three books will go to Eastfield Road School and three to Lacey Gardens Junior School.

The Benson Trail

The Benson Trail was won by Amy Wrisdale, who goes to EastField Road School Louth.  Thankyou to all who took part and well done. The cats were to be found in the following shops.

Stevensons fruit and veg shop,  P. Baines and Co,  Pocklingtons Bakery, Tina and Lynne's Cafe,  Igloo Seafoods,  MSR Newsagents,  Fairburns Butchers,  H & J Arts and Crafts,  The Little Chocolatier,  Sizzers,  Kodak Express,  Mr Chips, Moshulu Shoes and Dragon Fly Cards.

Thank you to all those shops.

Waddington Primary School

Had a super day in Waddington Primary School, Lincs. We were made so welcome and the children were so responsive to the workshop being run.  Mind you I was tired out when I got home !!!

The Benson Trail

The Benson Trail is coming to Louth. Starting on 21st April,try to find all 14 ginger cats found in shop windows around Louth.  Win a set of books for your school and signed books for yourself.  Find more details on  The Benson Trail page.  Have fun and join in.

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