This page is about my late father.

Photograph by kind permission of Country Life Magazine.
Mr Elvic is based on my late father who owned the workshop on Cinder Lane in Louth, Lincolnshire.  He was born in Tetney, Lincs. on 11th November 1918.  He was baptised Hedley Victor Ackrill, but was always known as Vic.
Vic trained as a motor mechanic in various garages around Louth.
In 1951 he married my mother, Enid Timms. They had two children - I was born in 1952 and my brother Roy was born in 1961.
Vic set up his own business on Cinder Lane in 1966 called Elvic Ltd.
This was mainly a lawn mower repair business, but he could turn his hand to mend almost anything.  He was always on hand to repair the machines at Grimsby Town Football Club.
Vic was a well known character and is still fondly remembered today by the people of Louth.
He died on 1st November 1998.